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Aboad is a digital marketing professional enabling business-driven marketing for companies wanting to achieve growth and reach international markets.

Tired of conventional methods?

  • Are you tired of traditional advertising and media agencies? Or are you simply bored by old, conventional methods? How would it feel to work with a partner that speaks your language and understands the challenges and opportunities your business faces?

  • Collaborating with us means you get digital marketing that perfectly fits your business. We are results-driven and challenge existing methods while continuously developing new ones for you.

  • Let us take your marketing to a new level and allow us to surprise you with ideas you probably never even dreamed of.

  • Collaborating with us means you benefit from measurable results and transparency for as long as we work together. We set the bar high and take great pleasure in helping you define your goals and pursuing them.

Services for growth companies and corporations

Outsourced digital CMO

If you want to replace a “traditional” type of collaboration with an “effective” one, an outsourced digital CMO is the right choice for you. Read about the seven reasons why this service is one of the best choices you can make to boost your company's digital marketing efforts.

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Digital transformation

If you want to make digital marketing an accountable function of your company instead of a cost item or something you do to get Facebook likes, you need digital transformation. Find out our seven reasons why it would benefit your company to start a digital transformation process and upgrade your digital marketing to 2019 standards.

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What people have said about us

  • "Cooperation with Aboad has provided us with fresh knowledge about the effectiveness of our digital marketing with tangible results."

    Mikko Varjanne, COO, Oy FCR Finland Ltd

  • “Aboad helped us find the right digital solutions we needed to reach our varied clientele. Collaboration with the supportive Aboad team was easy and effortless.”

    Maria Nordström, Marketing & Events Coordinator, Kuntec Oy

  • “Aboad's outsourced digital marketing service offers us a business-oriented solution for reaching our international target group in a measurable way. This collaboration has allowed us to make our digital marketing easy to understand and clear in its goals."

    Pekka Silvennoinen, Executive Vice President, Ocusweep

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Under way right now

  • Digital marketing for luxury apartments in South East Asia
  • Digital transformation for a consumer product brand
  • Account-based marketing for an international high-growth company
  • Outsourced digital manager services for an international B2B company
  • Creation of internal digital marketing processes for an in-house marketing team
  • Creation of an easy-to-read visual system for measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing for a B2B company

Let's join forces to create meaningful marketing.