Dagsmark Petfood

Increasing brand awareness and sales for a B2C growth company

This page has been machine-translated from Finnish to English. While we strive for accuracy, we recommend checking the original Finnish version if possible.

Dagsmark Petfood Oy is a rapidly growing company and the only one manufacturing fully Finnish dry dog food. Their foods are made from domestic ingredients, free from additives, allergens, or any harmful processing for pets. The company’s strong beliefs in purity, quality, and nature guide its operations.


What’s been done

  • + Targeted marketing serving different stages of the customer journey to enhance the transition from awareness to trial and purchase
  • + Growth marketing, analysis, and development in areas such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, display, and search advertising
  • + Content analysis supporting business and communication planning.
  • + Continuous customer learning through audience testing
  • + Supporting product launches through digital marketing means
  • + Combining data and creative work with the customer and other partners to enable growth
  • “Collaborating with Aboad has brought a lot of structure and analytical approach to the digital marketing of our rapidly growing company. Now, we can measure what works and what doesn’t and allocate resources efficiently to the right targets for our goals. As a growing company, outsourcing certain tasks to Aboad has been a sensible decision. We trust their ability to successfully handle agreed-upon tasks, allowing us to focus on other areas of marketing and sales.”

    Laura Strömberg, Managing Director, Dagsmark Petfood Oy
  • “Clear objectives and open communication in our collaboration have enabled growth. The entire team at Dagsmark’s positive attitude towards leveraging data for strengthening brand awareness has allowed for the freedom to discover insights to support growth. The company’s popular brand and well-received products, combined with successful implementation of the customer journey, enable the best results.”

    Juha Pihkakoski, Chief Executive Officer, Aboad Oy

Service concepts

Growth Marketing Team
Growth Marketing Team

”Do you work like this with all your clients?”

Our clients are often delighted with the service and ask, ”Do you work like this with all your clients?”. The answer is simple – this is the only way we work. That’s because making things together brings the best results.


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