CMO as a Service

CMO as a Service (Chief Marketing Officer as a Service) is a MaaS service that is a great alternative to an outsourced CMO or full-time CMO.

Chief Marketing Officer as a Service is particularly suitable for growing companies that do not yet have a commercial or marketing leadership in place and where it doesn’t make sense to hire such a position full-time, but the results of a top-notch commercial leader are needed. The service is increasingly common and often deemed the best solution for growing and changing companies. It can also be utilized in larger companies as an interim leadership solution while searching for a new key player.

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Committed like a recruit but more flexible

When the aim is to harness the benefits of top expertise easily, many companies opt for this operational model. It has the same benefits as other MaaS concepts.

CMO as a Service enables you to enjoy all the benefits of a recruited leader and more. Additionally, you minimize risks and enhance predictability in terms of resources.

When traditional hiring of CMOs involves a lengthy search process, significant financial commitments, and the risk of organizational misfit, CMO as a Service provides a flexible solution. It also offers a cost-effective alternative for hiring.

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CMO as a Service is an enhanced outsourced CMO

The CMO as a Service executes your marketing and sales operations as a flexible, full-scale commercial leader. Within the service, the CMO proposes and leads necessary actions and budgeting.

Many companies give the same responsibilities and freedoms to this service-based work as they would to a regular leader, meaning board collaboration, executive teamwork, business development, and operational management.

In our concept, the CMO works with you on your future-proofed commercial growth with proven methods and lean marketing models.

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Extensive experience and rapid on-demand start

Key aspects of the service include having a dedicated leader with multi-disciplinary accumulated experience and a team available to provide support. Often, needs can arise unexpectedly so that the service can be launched swiftly and the usual post-recruitment onboarding requirement is eliminated. Our flexible agreements ensure that the work can be quickly concluded when the need diminishes.

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Get security for today and tomorrow

We secure your future development by monitoring the operational environment and ensuring you have the necessary solutions for the future and the best methods to succeed. We achieve this by:

  • Analyzing the development and impacts of digital marketing.
  • Identifying threats and opportunities through Future Radar.
  • Continuously scanning changes in technology, regulations, and geopolitics.
  • Assisting in responding to changes.
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Operations that are usually included in the service

The service is always customized but follows determined planned processes that are slightly modified depending on your company.

  • Planning and implementation of the commercial strategy
  • Reporting to the board and working in the management team
  • Representing the company to stakeholders
  • Leading teams as part of the company's day-to-day work
  • Monthly personal mentoring (individual)
  • Reforming and improving the sales process

Is CMO as a Service the right choice for you?

Whether you’re a startup aiming to build up your brand or an established company seeking a fresh perspective, CMO as a Service offers a versatile solution. It’s a strategic move for those who value innovation, expertise, and adaptability. If the content of this list makes you nod, we should talk more.

  • + Your company may have marketing personnel, and you want to outsource management from, for example, the managing director.
  • + You want more flexibility for budgeting and use the manager according to needs.
  • + You have the will and ability to experiment with a modern approach for key personnel in commercial management.
  • + You need a temporary interim manager to ensure progress and development during the new search.
  • + You are willing to work remotely (CMO as a Service doesn't sit in your office).
  • + You want to utilize modern lean marketing processes and tools.

Does the service sound suitable for you? If so, evaluating your organization’s specific needs and goals is crucial before embarking on this outsourcing journey. Book a meeting to discuss further, with no commitments.

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