Shared victories

  • “The partnership has provided our marketing with transparency and measurability and enables us to focus our operations effectively and cost-efficiently in the future.”

    Outi Jokinen, Marketing Manager, Auramarine Ltd
  • “Aboad has taken up the challenge we set for them very well – achieving fast growth in Europe with market-specific localization is a tough challenge. Still, they managed to have just the right solutions for this.”

    Mikko Sievänen, Head of Digital Development, Mint of Finland
  • “Aboad’s outsourced digital marketing manager service offers us a business-oriented solution for reaching our international target audience in a measurable way. This collaboration has allowed us to make our digital marketing easy to understand and clear in its goals.”

    Pekka Silvennoinen, CEO, Ocusweep
  • “Collaboration with Aboad has allowed us to receive fresh information on the performance of our digital marketing and see concrete results.”

    Mikko Varjanne, Managing Director, Oy FCR Finland Ltd