Marketing for an international B2B growth company

FCR Finland is a growth company in international marine industry, specialized in both refurbishing and newbuilding, that operates as a turnkey supplier for the largest cruise ship operators in the world. It’s one of the most innovative providers in the industry, continually bringing out new innovations to the market.

Highlights of the collaboration

  • Outsourced CMO services continually for over 3 years
  • Digital marketing of 6 different innovations from start to finish
  • Over 3 million euros worth of offers leading into negotiations, with the marketing of a single innovation
  • Strengthening their biggest clients by aiming brand marketing into the right audience and customers’ phase
  • Continuous planning, measuring, analyzing and developing business-driven, lean-based marketing
  • Planning and implementing international marketing based on business strategy and goals

How did it go?

"Cooperation with Aboad has provided us with fresh knowledge about the effectiveness of our digital marketing with tangible results."

Mikko Varjanne, COO, Oy FCR Finland Ltd

“They have boldly challenged the industry by plunging into innovative ways of testing and doing digital marketing. Innovation is written into their creed.”

Juha Pihkakoski, Chief Executive Officer, Aboad Oy