Marketing Mentor

Marketing Mentor is our consultative MaaS service designed to offer expert guidance in digital marketing. Our service is an excellent fit for startups and large enterprises. Companies who benefit from our service the most already manage most of their marketing independently but seek valuable assistance to refine their sales strategies.

Guiding your growth

With our service, a dedicated expert leverages your organization’s strategic, tactical, and operational expertise from the international digital marketing landscape. Our collective experience brings you best practices and future-proofed solutions that support your initiatives.

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality advice, knowledge, and insights that enhance your performance in the realms of sales and marketing.

Designed for executives or teams

Our Marketing Mentor service is available for both individuals and businesses, from filling executive positions to fronting entire commercial teams.

The core structure of our service is tailored to whether it’s for an individual or a business. For marketing executives, mentoring takes a more traditional monthly approach. While for businesses, it consists of weekly guidance, ad-hoc support, and the introduction of new tools.

Try, test, adapt, succeed

We only deliver services that are right for you. To assess the effectiveness and suitability of our service long-term, we work with you on a paid 3-month trial.

Our 3-month plan includes preliminary audits, meetings, full-service delivery, and analyses of initial results.

After the trial period, we make a mutual decision about the logical continuation of the service and the benefits for your organization.

Securing today and tomorrow for your business

We ensure your future development by monitoring the business environment and ensuring you have the necessary solutions and strategies to stay ahead.

We achieve this by:

  • Analyzing the evolution and impact of digital marketing.
  • Identifying threats and opportunities with Future Radar.
  • Continuously monitoring changes in technology, regulations, and geopolitics.
  • Assisting in responding to these changes.
See How We Do It

Operations usually included in the service

We follow clear, planned processes that have been refined over years of delivering results for businesses. We always customize our service slightly to deliver to your target audience, needs, and functions.

  • Marketing Maturity Analysis (individual/company)
  • Procurement Consultation (individual/company)
  • On-Demand Support and Advisory (individual/company)
  • Strategy Consultation (company/individual)
  • Team Leadership Coaching (individual)
  • Participation in Weekly Meetings and Consulting (company)
  • Monthly Personal Mentoring (individual)
  • Goal Setting Consultation (individual/company)
  • Customized Training for Platform Usage (individual/company)

Is a Marketing Mentor the right choice for you?

Our service is designed for companies with clear, specific needs. If you relate to the following, it’s worth us to discuss further:

  • + You have the resources to lead and operate marketing and sales but want additional insights and strategies.
  • + You want to elevate your performance and are committed to improvement.
  • + You seek better visibility into future changes and the practical actions required.
  • + You want to develop both sales and marketing processes throughout the customer journey.
  • + An executive or key person needs a capable marketing mentoring or advisory partner for decision-making.
  • + You want to benefit from a flexible advisory service that streamlines day-to-day operations.
  • + You want access to new agile marketing processes and tools.
  • + You choose agility and high expertise over slow and inexpensive alternatives.

How Our Collaboration Begins

Over the years, with the help of experts, we’ve refined the service experience to benefit you. From the initial 15-minute meeting to daily operations, we make collaboration easy for you.

1. Onboarding

Once initial guidelines are discussed, and a fair framework agreement is signed, we start onboarding. During the kickoff, we clarify the boundaries of collaboration and establish schedules.

2. Initial Auditing and Adjustments

For both businesses and individuals, we conduct audits of current operations at the beginning of the Marketing Mentor service. By utilizing tools like the Maturity Analysis, we assess the existing state and propose future goals.

3. Goal Setting

Based on the analysis, we collaborate to concretize specific areas to focus on initially. Goals are established from these areas, and mentoring begins to progress their achievement.

4. Continuous Mentoring

Once the service is live, it acts as a flexible advisory service that adapts to your needs. You get ongoing support when it’s needed and meet with our experts routinely at pre-scheduled times. These meetings act as checkpoints to analyze our progress and plan for the future.

Let’s Start the Conversation

Does our service sound suitable for you? If so, evaluating your organization’s specific needs and goals is crucial before we embark on your outsourcing journey.

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