Growth Marketing Team

Growth Marketing Team is our most popular Maas (Marketing as a Service) Service. The solution is tailor-made for growth-oriented businesses and is designed to replace traditional tactical and operational digital marketing collaboration.

A flexible and customer-centric solution

With our service, your company gains access to the expertise of an internationally experienced and continuously evolving digital marketing team. It’s like having a wholly outsourced marketing team with a modern approach.

We thoroughly assess your company’s needs and adapt to meet them perfectly. We always select the best individuals from our global team to deliver on your strategic goals and ambitions.

We’ve made collaboration as easy as possible for you as a customer. We can work as an independent part of your company or in close collaboration with your existing team.

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Data-driven expertise

In addition to delivering the best customer experience, we focus on two key elements: building high expertise within your team and making data-driven decisions.

With this approach, we bring high-level expertise in strategy, tactics, and operations to create tailored data insights that guide our collaborative efforts. You have visibility of all performance metrics at every level, from the board to the specialists.

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Results-oriented, without getting stuck in methods

We deliver results, not methods. With our service, your company benefits from the best combination of solutions that deliver the results you need. You might not get a specific advertising channel from us if it’s not the best option.

Together, we set the primary goal for our work and provide solutions to achieve it. We don’t get stuck on individual channels or methods. Instead, using lean marketing principles, we continuously test and use data to find the most effective solutions.

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Securing today and tomorrow for your business

We ensure the future development of your business by monitoring the environment and ensuring you have the necessary strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

We achieve this by:

  • Analyzing the development and impact of digital marketing.
  • Identifying threats and opportunities with Future Research.
  • Constantly monitoring changes in technology, regulations, and geopolitics.
  • Assisting in responding to changes.
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Tactics used within the service

Understand our capabilities further and explore popular services offered by our marketing team:

  • LinkedIn advertising and organic posts
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising and organic visibility
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): technical and content
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Google and Bing
  • App Store Marketing: App Store and Google Play
  • Marketing Automation: planning, implementation, support, and operation
  • TikTok, Spotify, XING, native platforms, programmatic advertising
  • Website maintenance and development: new and existing sites
  • Analytics: technical preparation, analysis, and consulting
  • Conversion optimization, user experience measurement, and hypothesis testing
  • KPI definition for sales and marketing and implementing OKR model
  • Setting goals (KPIs) for sales and marketing
  • Personal training for key personnel
  • Email marketing
  • Sales and marketing technology consulting

Is our Growth Marketing Team the right choice for you?

Our services are designed for businesses with a unique set of goals and aspirations. If anything on this list resonates with you, it’s worth discussing further:

  • + You desire growth and development facilitated through easy collaboration.
  • + You want to gain better insights into sales and marketing data to make data-driven decisions.
  • + Along with flexibility and quick responsiveness, you seek visibility and predictability in costs and outcomes.
  • + You want a proactive partner who identifies development needs and explains their significance.
  • + You run a growth-oriented company that values quality and results over the lowest price.
  • + You aim for growth by setting clear goals collaboratively and giving ample authority for their implementation.
  • + You seek to enhance your operations and processes through a more beneficial partnership.
  • + You want a partner who understands short- and long-term industry developments.

How Our Collaboration Begins

Collaborating with us is easier than ever. Over the years, with the help of experts, we’ve refined the service experience to deliver the simplest process for you, starting with our initial 15-minute call and delivering the results you need.

1. Onboarding

Once preliminary guidelines are decided, and our fair framework agreement is signed, it’s time to start onboarding. You get access to the Aboad for Customers platform, we schedule a kickoff meeting, and our collaboration goals, boundaries, and responsibilities are agreed upon.

2. Initial Audit and Adjustments

Auditing your previous plans is important to us. It helps us understand your former goals and ensure the digital ecosystem’s health. We examine your best practices in analytics, ad platforms, and other critical components. We also assess your customer knowledge status and advise if any adjustments are necessary.

3. Goal Setting and Tactical Planning

Together, we determine 1-3 main objectives for us to pursue during the next quarter. From these objectives, we create sub-goals and actions using the OKR model, forming a tactical plan. You can monitor our delivery progress in real-time, with instant access to the schedule and actions of the tactical plan.

As work progresses, we update our goals, review the big picture, and provide you with a quarterly view of the future.

4. Continuous Development and Growth

After setting clear goals and plans, it’s time to implement growth-oriented actions. These actions are collectively agreed upon and contain elements that follow the lean marketing principles. This includes weekly progress-tracking meetings, analyses, and planning.

During delivery, we provide updated reports on resource utilization, progress, and flexible communication through channels that cater to your needs.

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