Marketing as a Service

Invest in a partnership that is based on goals rather than tasks.

MaaS briefly

Marketing as a Service (MaaS) does not mean a single project, strictly specified measures, individual campaigns, or operating a chosen marketing channel. You get a partnership that drives for a mutual goal, with the needed tactics and marketing operations. The results define success, and partnership is all about adapting to the landscape that we work in to achieve those goals.

It’s like attaching an extra resource of expertise to your team rather than simply outsourcing your marketing efforts.

You don’t have to know everything yourself when working with us! This has been reported as one of the most important things our customers value.

The pros and cons

Compared to recruitment

  • + No need to recruit a person and pay employer costs
  • + You’re not limited to what’s available on open markets, as top talent may be hard to find and attract
  • + The service adjusts to your changing needs in both difficulty and quantity of the required work
  • + The latest know-how from a constantly evolving multi-industry team that is working on multiple clients simultaneously
  • + Top-notch expertise at your disposal
  • There’s no employee sitting at your office
  • The essential trust between the service provider and the client may be hard to build

Compared to traditional cooperation

  • + You don’t commit to specific actions, and the service is adjustable to your changing needs
  • + You get a partner that is not only doing what is told but proactively developing marketing based on learnings
  • + Collaboration is built to grow with the client and also to share and improve knowledge in-house
  • + A versatile team of top-tier global experts at your disposal
  • The concrete service may be hard to realize in the purchasing process since marketing channels and exact measures are not determined
  • Incomparability with other service providers

”Do you work like this with all your clients?”

Our clients are often delighted with the service and ask, ”Do you work like this with all your clients?”. The answer is simple – this is the only way we work. That’s because making things together brings the best results.


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