Multi-channel 360° lead generation for B2B target audiences

Suomen 16100 Oy is a 100% Finnish, responsible service company specializing in information, communication, and search services. The company’s services are available to both consumer and business customers by call, on the Internet, by text message, and via mobile phone applications.




warm leads identified based on behavior from the target audience


of leads were qualified for outbound contacting


of completed calls with the right decision-maker led to a meeting


increase in the hit rate of completed calls compared to the previous period

Highlights of the Demand Generation 360° service

  • + 360-degree lead generation as a continuous service
  • + Targeted LinkedIn marketing to ICP and ABM audiences
  • + Targeted awareness marketing for B2B decision makers on, e.g., Google’s platform
  • + Identifying warm leads based on behavioral data
  • + Outbound contacting of warm leads and target group lists via phone
  • + Strengthening awareness and inbound lead flows with marketing
  • + Automated email sequences for target group decision-makers and those who cannot be reached by phone
  • + Proactive testing and optimization of the target audiences and a variety of tactics as a part of the continuous service
  • “The service package of Aboad and Dista has suited Suomen 16100 Oy and its sales and marketing staff very well. Aboad’s know-how and expertise in lead generation and analytics has increased our know-how and especially our understanding of the possibilities of different channels. We have worked with Dista for a long time precisely because both companies have a constant desire to develop the sales process all the time.”

    Kimmo Kärkkäinen, CEO, Gameleo Systems Oy
  • “Openness and the courage to try new approaches without prejudice are emphasized when working with Gameleo. Mutual trust is the cornerstone of cooperation, creating strong conditions for long-term success.”

    Aapo Kyllönen, Partner, Tactical & Performance Marketing, Aboad
  • “Understanding the business and the benefits of sustainable and continuous operations are highlighted in the cooperation with Gameleo. Instead of waiting for unrealistic quick wins, continuous systematic work has led to joint success.”

    Jenni Vehmas, Customer Success Manager, Dista Oy

Service concepts

Demand Generation 360°

”Do you work like this with all your clients?”

Our clients are often delighted with the service and ask, ”Do you work like this with all your clients?”. The answer is simple – this is the only way we work. That’s because making things together brings the best results.


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