Accurately targeted digital marketing for the heads of large international companies
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Ocusweep’s unit and service package allows functional vision measuring, that is more comprehensive than a normal vision test. Long developed revolutionary result of the vision technology serves customers through the largest optical retailers in the World.

Highlights of the collaboration

  • + Outsourced CMO service
  • + Account-based marketing development
  • + Highly accurate LinkedIn marketing targeted for the heads of large international chains
  • + Studying the digital behaviour of potential customers with a market test narrowing down potential target markets
  • + Finding the best messages and communication methods to effect the target audience by continuous A/B testing
  • “Aboad’s outsourced digital marketing manager service offers us a business-oriented solution for reaching our international target audience in a measurable way. This collaboration has allowed us to make our digital marketing easy to understand and clear in its goals.”

    Pekka Silvennoinen, CEO, Ocusweep
  • “It’s highly rewarding to work with Pekka and the business-driven team of Ocusweep, to take this innovation to the markets all over the World. I admire their passion and vision when they focus their business into the great unknown. Addition to the strong vision they have solid respect for the outsourced specialists, which has given us a chance to show them the best we’ve got.”

    Juha Pihkakoski, Chief Executive Officer, Aboad Oy

Service concepts

Growth Marketing Team
Growth Marketing Team
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Marketing Officer

”Do you work like this with all your clients?”

Our clients are often delighted with the service and ask, ”Do you work like this with all your clients?”. The answer is simple – this is the only way we work. That’s because making things together brings the best results.

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