Master Suomi

Marketing automation and lead acquisition development

This page has been machine-translated from Finnish to English. While we strive for accuracy, we recommend checking the original Finnish version if possible. 

Master Suomi helps companies identify and develop capabilities through psychometric online testing. It is an independent part of Master International, operating globally in 15 countries, providing solutions to HR professionals as well as companies offering recruitment, consulting, and coaching services.

What’s been done

  • + Design, Implementation, and Training of Marketing Automations
  • + Multichannel digital marketing to support lead generation (LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • + Consultation and support in building customer journeys starting from webinars
  • + 175% increase in conversion rate (from the start of the 12-month partnership)
  • + 288% increase in leads generated by advertising (from the start of the 12-month partnership)
  • + 77% decrease in cost per lead (from the start of the 12-month partnership)
  • “At Master, my role is diverse and my ambitions are high, so I strive to make the right decisions. Our collaborative model provides easily digestible, tested data to support marketing decision-making and development, allowing me to focus on my core responsibilities. In addition to expertise that transcends industry boundaries, I value Aboad’s firm approach to staying on schedule and communication within the team — I highly recommend them to be part of other marketing teams as well.”

    Annika Vallo, Recruiting & HRD Strategist, Master Suomi Oy
  • “Collaborating with the Master team and the continuous development of marketing are working wonderfully, thanks to their clear goals and willingness to improve their operations. The freedom and responsibility they grant us seem to serve our partnership best and have made it fruitful.”

    Juha Pihkakoski, Chief Executive Officer, Aboad Oy

Service concepts

Growth Marketing Team
Growth Marketing Team

”Do you work like this with all your clients?”

Our clients are often delighted with the service and ask, ”Do you work like this with all your clients?”. The answer is simple – this is the only way we work. That’s because making things together brings the best results.


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