Customer Weekly Compiles the Work of the Past Week and Directs the Next

When there are many clients and multiple people working on them, it’s natural that status checks and transparent communication are needed. One way to transfer information is through the team’s internal Customer Weekly, which is held every Friday.

Project management is done throughout the week

Throughout the week, we primarily use the Wrike project management tool for communication, but we communicate via Slack or pick up the phone for matters requiring quicker reactions. We’ve previously discussed project management in our blog High-Quality Project Management is a Crucial Part of Successful Marketing.

The Customer Weekly meeting takes place every Friday

Every Friday, our team gathers for the company’s internal Customer Weekly. Since we operate fully remotely, this also takes place remotely. Everyone comes prepared to ensure smooth operation and efficient use of time.

Before the meeting

Each team member goes through the operations under their responsibility and updates their statuses on the Lean Loop, a proprietary test management tool. Additionally, each fills out the following on the client-specific Wrike Weekly card the day before:

What’s been done since the last time

  • Listing the tasks completed and informing others of essential aspects if there are any highlights.

Analysis and observations to help others

  • Bringing up things encountered during the week that others should know about.

Where development is heading

  • Listing highlights from analytics and other current noteworthy items.
  • Discussing the next moves and potential development needs based on these.


  • Reporting media and work budget expenditure and needs.

What’s next

  • Discussing upcoming tasks for the week and determining if any assistance is needed from others.

During the meeting

We review the items listed on the customer-specific weekly card for each client. If necessary, we brainstorm and discuss things together. However, the meeting efficiently progresses through the topics, and if something requires deeper discussion, it is handled outside the weekly meeting between the relevant people.

For all clients, we also go through the status of campaigns and testing in accordance with Lean marketing principles.

The meeting is also recorded, making it easy to revisit topics if needed, and absent team members can stay informed about activities and situations by watching the recording.

After the meeting

Based on the Weekly cards, customer managers prepare the material for the customer meetings at the beginning of the week. The most important tasks and highlights from the internal Customer Weekly are summarized in the material for the customer. This is easy to do when the information is clearly available in the same place.

Practical benefits

The permanent calendar booking on Fridays makes scheduling and prioritization easy. With this arrangement, the whole team is present and knows roughly what has been done, where things stand, and what’s coming up for each client.

Things are meticulously documented and can be revisited later. Reporting to the client is also easy and transparent.

When everyone is present simultaneously after the Customer Weekly, we also utilize this for internal company development by continuing to the Show ‘n Tell section. At these meetings, we share new practices and lessons learned from newly tested services with other team members or bring back insights from, for example, training.

If you want to discuss marketing collaboration with MaaSin, book a tight 15-minute discussion, and let’s see how we can help your company.

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