Benefits of Remote Distributed Digital Marketing Agency

The work environment for white-collar workers has shifted significantly over the past few years, swinging from in-office to work-from-home, back to the office, and then to a hybrid status quo. This was influenced by the pandemic and the need for visible proof of productivity.

Regardless of whether your team needs to clock in at 9 am sharp or is working remotely, I will demonstrate why a digital marketing agency with a distributed team is beneficial, especially in the global business-to-business environment.

Research shows old biases tackled by reason

We were leaning towards a distributed team even before the pandemic, and it was already one of our competitive advantages. However, our clients often failed to see the value at that point.

Much has changed since then.

During our transition, we researched how marketers felt about buying services from a fully distributed agency. We found that old biases are hardwired but can be overcome with logic. For instance, many believed that if the agency didn’t attend meetings at their office, the service should have been cheaper, but at the same time, they agreed that the value of the service was not diminished.

In practice, the location of our team has never been a point of discussion, although the research shows the bias. Reason typically prevails when it comes to practical matters.

Benefits of working with a remote distributed digital marketing agency

At a minimum, you will not see any additional benefits or downsides from a distributed team, unless you expect the agency personnel to be physically present at your office daily.

Now, let’s consider the potential benefits!

1. Easier global scaling in services for you

Distributed teams are usually more adaptable and have a broader market reach without sacrificing agility compared to a local agency. This future-proofs the cooperation towards growth and allows for flexible response to different local market needs.

2. Access to a global talent pool

Why not have the best? Agencies with distributed teams can tap into a larger worldwide talent pool, ensuring that your results are not limited by the availability of workforce and their skills in a specific area.

3. Wider accessibility to service globally at different time zones

A distributed agency offers more resilience and response potential as the team operates across a wider range of time zones.

4. No one’s stuck in traffic, they’re working for you

Distributed teams often enable location-free work. This means that no one is driving to meetings, making the team more reachable and focused on value-adding work.

5. Face-to-face meetings have real value and are flexible

With distributed teams, face-to-face meetings become more meaningful. Work can be done remotely, so meetings take the form of social interaction and relationship building, rather than being a discussion that could have been an email.

These face-to-face meetings allow us to travel around the world and spend time with our clientele.

It’s all good!

Distributed teams in digital marketing agencies offer notable benefits including flexibility, access to global talent, wider service reach, and valuable face-to-face interactions. Despite some lingering biases, the advantages of this model are becoming more apparent in our globalized world. Looking ahead, distributed teams will continue shaping the future of effective service delivery in the field.

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