How to Disseminate the Latest Marketing Information to the Team?

Digital marketing is a broad field that is constantly evolving. Therefore, it is crucial to follow the industry’s developments, extract essential information and skills for one’s own work, and also understand major trends. This can be challenging as a lot of information is available and limited time.

So, how do we transfer information as efficiently as possible so that the entire team can access the latest information?

We have the following seven steps for disseminating information:

1. Systematic media monitoring

Media monitoring is carried out systematically throughout the week, reviewing specific news sources at the headline level to extract meaningful information for further processing. This creates a long list of news from which a shortlist is derived. This process also contributes to the creation of the Digital Marketing Weekly.

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2. Random news highlights to the team’s Slack channel

In addition to the systematic review, team members follow slightly different sources based on their areas of expertise and interest. When interesting articles, ideas, tactics, or news arise, they are shared with the entire team on the Slack channel. This ensures that as many team members as possible benefit from the information.

3. Reviewing Digital Marketing Weekly’s news together

Based on systematic media monitoring, the Digital Marketing Weekly is produced for a broad audience. We also collect news links in a separate database for the team. This includes many news items that do not meet the criteria for news highlight but are useful information for the team.

The team internally reviews this document every week in a dedicated meeting. Before the review, each member familiarizes themselves with the news independently, and the most critical aspects of the news topics are presented to others in turn. Team members have their areas of expertise, such as specific channels, which they most often review.

At the same time, they discuss the implications of the news on customer marketing or other work.

The most important aspects of these news items end up being tracked in the future radar.

4. Future Radar

The Future Radar (part of our Future Services) collects the most important aspects with their timelines and priority levels. Items requiring special attention are classified as “critical”, while others are labeled as “to be monitored” or “for your information (FYI)”. This information will also be utilized in our future services.

Here, it is easy for everyone to check whether, for example, changes in the ecosystem have been taken into account when planning and implementing customer marketing.

5. Reporting user experiences and lessons learned from training to the team

When new features are introduced or we observe changes in advertising platforms, those who have tested them share their experiences with others in a Show ‘n Tell meeting. This is also where issues raised in external training or webinars, which are believed to benefit other team members, can be discussed.

6. Filling out the knowledge-sharing spreadsheet

The tactics collected in the knowledge-sharing spreadsheet are available to all team members. Here, individuals can supplement their own findings on interesting tactics or other tips. This ensures that they are not only kept for personal use but are also available to others.

7. Information transfer via videos

Previously, we compiled summaries of best practices in text files for various activities. Nowadays, we largely do this through videos. They make it easy to transfer information to colleagues, and, for example, guide on the use of a new platform or function conveniently and efficiently regardless of time and place. We use Loom for this purpose. Read more about this in our previous blog post.

Did you find useful methods for sharing information in our list? If you have proven methods for transferring information, which in turn could benefit us, please share them with us. 😉

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