Aboad Future Services

The first of its kind subscription service for future-proofing your organization’s marketing and sales

Aboad Future Services helps your organization prepare and avoid being surprised by changes in the digital marketing ecosystem. Gain a first-mover advantage by developing your marketing operation to be ready for the future.

Based on years of experience working with enterprises and growth companies, hundreds of data sources/analyses, and our predictive model, we can help you understand the future of digital marketing.

We provide you with an awareness of what your organization needs to be prepared for and help you understand and achieve what needs to be done in the coming months and years.

Benefits of a consultancy with the pricing and the flexibility of a SaaS product.

Based on successful future-proofing of global clients

We have a proven track record of helping clients prepare and face the future.

By analyzing digital marketing development and trends with our proprietary prediction method, we help clients recognize threats and possibilities for their business. We continuously scan changes in technologies, regulations, and geopolitics to ensure they’re up-to-date with the development.

To help organizations implement the needed changes for the future, they use our on-demand advisory services for their management and mentoring services for their specialists.

Aboad is a preferred partner for marketing development

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“Aboad has taken up the challenge we set for them very well – achieving fast growth in Europe with market-specific localization is a tough challenge. Still, they managed to have just the right solutions for this.”

Mint of Finland Ltd.

Use what you need, as much as you need it

Aboad Future Services subscription lets you easily activate the needed advisory, consulting, and analysis modules with the help of our dedicated concierge service that helps you pick the right services.

You will get a high-quality service with unlimited use, produced by actual humans assisted by technology, even with the competitive pricing compared to many traditional consultancies.

This enables the best cost-to-benefit ratio for you.

  • + Your organization learns to face the needs of the future better and react properly to the rising changes.
  • + Executives get new information about development opportunities and more visibility of surroundings and their organization’s needs.
  • + Your organization won’t have to play catch-up with the development but rather be on the bleeding edge of the future.
  • + You can gain a first-mover advantage as rising trends and opportunities are adopted at the right time.
  • + Team members can better participate in commercial development and are given better tools and understanding to support their work.
  • + Marketing and sales functions redeem their place as continuously improving drivers of the business results.
  • + Changes in the sales and marketing ecosystem are no longer surprises but expected changes you are prepared for.
  • + Your organization won’t be left alone since you have an advisor helping to build towards the future.

Future-proofing based on real data and long-term analysis


industry news scanned, curated, and analyzed every week


accurately timed predictions of the development of the global marketing ecosystem

4.5 / 5

star-rated weekly reporting and analysis of industry development based on reader reviews

60 000+

sample-size dataset for developing remote sales

Available modules and regions

Within the Aboad Future Service subscription, you’re able to activate the modules you need, use the services as much as you want, and change them monthly.

Digital Ecosystem Radar

Your organization gets a globally reaching view regarding technological, geopolitical, and regulatory development. You’ll be offered company-specific threats and opportunities reporting with recommendations to further actions when something happens.

You will get the security of knowing that we are constantly monitoring and will let you know whenever significant changes happen.

Availability: European Economic Area

Future Radar

This module will help your company get a better understanding of the industry’s future and how it relates to your operations. Our predictive future model and the data from expected changes in the digital technological, geopolitical, and regulatory landscape will be adopted to your organization’s context.

This will offer you a roadmap to develop your organization’s digital sales and marketing for the future.

Availability: European Economic Area

Maturity analysis

The Maturity analysis is an effective start to find where your organization stands within the context of marketing and sales compared to your industry, competition, and potential. It creates an understanding through auditing your technologies, personnel, and process maturity in these functions.

You will then get a roadmap to help you understand in which direction you need to put your development efforts to reach your goals in the future.

Availability: Global


The Mentorship module increases the value of existing human capital within your organization. It’s suitable for both executives and specialists, and we will provide the best mentor matching the mentee. The mentorship works on a monthly or weekly bases with on-demand support between the sessions.

Better than simply training, mentorship enables tailored learning and helps the person develop themselves with support.

Availability: Global

Strategy sessions

Monthly strategy sessions bring together aspects of the other modules, such as future planning, and help you insert them into your company’s strategic work. This will also support tactical planning and help ensure that strategy and its implementation are not separate.

The facilitation of idea creation for future-proofing and enhancing your strategy helps your organization work on a whole new level.

Availability: Global

On-demand advisory

The module gives you “a red phone” so that you or your management team can get on-demand advisory tailored to the specific need in question. The service extends from strategic to tactical and technical expert support.

Use this module to support your management team, board, and specialists.

Availability: Global

Future-proof your marketing

Want to start working on future-proofing your marketing? Book a meeting with our specialist, and we can discuss further what the service can do for your company specifically.

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