Core team

In addition to our core team, Aboad’s versatile working methods include an extended global team. We select the best configuration of expertise to fit your company’s and target markets’ individual needs.

Juha Pihkakoski

Chief Executive Officer

Juha has been developing the lean marketing framework with Aboad and its clients over the past five years. He’s been helping global growth companies and enterprises for over a decade.

At Aboad, Juha’s responsibilities include global sales, strategic planning, mentoring, and marketing automation.

Samu Kotilahti

Chief Technology Officer

Samu is experienced in technical customer service and support. Since the beginning of Aboad, he has been developing marketing for its clients in the most understandable way.

In addition to sales and search engine marketing, Samu is responsible for marketing technologies and technical development.

Aapo Kyllönen

Head of Tactical Marketing

Aapo is a versatile, practical tactician for digital business and marketing development, experienced in hospitality, entrepreneurship, B2B sales, and planning and executing digital marketing for multiple industries.

At Aboad, he’s responsible for digital commercial development and planning, analyzing and reporting tactical marketing operations.

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