A better society, 1% at a time

Making sure our clients’ commercial success is secured is important. It’s also important for us to secure the future society.

For the past nine years, we’ve enabled a better future society by donating 1% of our revenue to carefully selected charity organizations. Thanks to our growth, we’ve been able to help more and more every year.

We believe that future challenges should be dealt with at the very root of the problems to improve global well-being effectively. That’s the basic idea in choosing our charity organizations: supporting the nutrition of low-income families with children in Finland and women’s’ entrepreneurship in developing countries.

Supporting the nutrition of low-income families in Finland

Venner supports the nutrition of low-income families in the most innovative and impactful way. With guidance, inspiring recipes, and fresh ingredients, it helps build a better future. That’s why we are delighted to support the equal well-being of society together.

In addition to the annual donation, our Chief Executive Officer works as a pro bono advisor to support Venner’s growth.


Supporting female entrepreneurship in developing countries

During our adventures around the world, we’ve had a chance to witness the impact that female entrepreneurship has to the future of the society they work in.

With our donation to Women’s Bank, we want to ensure the possibility for women’s entrepreneurship and education in developing countries. They get a steady income independently and offer a better future, safety, and education to their families.


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