Digital Transformation

Seven reasons for starting your digital transformation

  1. We introduce data-driven decision making into your company's marketing activities
  2. We make the right information and technologies available to you
  3. You get a partner that questions the status quo and comes up with new solutions
  4. You gain a better understanding of your marketing indicators and development needs
  5. Your key personnel gain access to technologies that support your business goals
  6. We upgrade your digital marketing activities to a new level that is fully up to speed with today’s modern requirements
  7. We speak your language, no matter what your level of expertise is

Find out how our services benefit your business

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Digital transformation allows you to make better digital marketing decisions and you can ensure that your marketing activities match your business goals. As a result, the right technologies and the internal processes, as well as guidance on how to use them correctly, will be available to your key people. We will take you through the entire development project in practice, to ensure you can be certain of the success of the changes you make.

As a result, digital marketing becomes part of your business strategy.

We will implement new operational methods that are perfectly tailored to your organisation and take into account the challenges and opportunities your company faces. Testing, measurement, the correct utilisation of technologies, and data-driven decision making will be integrated into your company's daily routines. In the process, we will also analyse your customers' changing purchasing behaviours and build an effective customer journey in accordance with their requirements.

What people have said about us

  • "Cooperation with Aboad has provided us with fresh knowledge about the effectiveness of our digital marketing with tangible results."

    Mikko Varjanne, COO, Oy FCR Finland Ltd

  • “Aboad helped us find the right digital solutions we needed to reach our varied clientele. Collaboration with the supportive Aboad team was easy and effortless.”

    Maria Nordström, Marketing & Events Coordinator, Kuntec Oy

  • “Aboad's outsourced digital marketing service offers us a business-oriented solution for reaching our international target group in a measurable way. This collaboration has allowed us to make our digital marketing easy to understand and clear in its goals."

    Pekka Silvennoinen, Executive Vice President, Ocusweep

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How to start collaboration

  • Consultation meeting and definition of goals
  • Preliminary plan and budget
  • Details and start of collaboration
  • Implementation of digital transformation and risk-free collaboration with a top professional

Benefits of collaboration

  • Realise your business goals
  • Make better marketing decisions and optimise the allocation of your marketing budget
  • Benefit from data-driven decision making
  • Make marketing an accountable part of your business
  • Save time and effort thanks to the ability to utilise the correct technologies and processes
  • Your company's digital marketing activities can reach a new, up-to-date level