Pro bono work and responsibility

More than just a company of marketing professionals

We've never wanted to settle for creating successful marketing projects and generating growth. We also want to give something back by means of pro bono work and taking up a responsible role within society to support entrepreneurs, companies and marketing professionals.

Events for marketers

Our CEO created the Marketing Meetup Helsinki event concept that brings together people involved in marketing, to share their experiences, and to learn more about fresh and interesting topics from the top names in the field.


Every year, we donate 1% of our turnover to Women’s Bank to support the entrepreneurship of women in developing countries. We strongly believe that successful companies established by entrepreneurs form the basis for a successful global market economy.


We want to give something back by supporting potential marketing professionals and entrepreneurs on their journey towards successful businesses, utilising the resources we have developed.

Public speaking and keynotes

We believe that you should never keep your knowledge and experience to yourself - you should share it with others. This is why we actively look for opportunities to share our expertise with those who are interested.

Would you like to collaborate with a responsible partner?