What if you hired a professional to take care of your marketing?

2For a company to succeed, it needs marketing. However, the size of a company often determines how much resources can be spent on it. Generally speaking, marketing becomes more effective and more consistent the more time and money you invest in it. For smaller companies, this is often a problem, especially if business happens to be blooming.

First and foremost, marketing is safeguarding the company’s future and continuity. Too often companies don’t want to invest in marketing because it is not seen as something beneficial but just as an expense. But what if you had a professional taking care of your marketing?

Why hire a marketing professional?

When we are talking about marketing professionals – or professionals in any field, for that matter – their most important quality is their skills. A marketing professional knows, or at least should know, which tools are needed and how they are used, as well as which marketing channels are the most valuable for achieving the company’s business goals.

A marketing professional knows how to create consistent marketing. He or she not only chooses channels that are trending but can plan long-term marketing strategies. The truth is that you rarely get immediate results.

Consistency and proficiency mean that there is less unnecessary hassle and more resources are spent on actions that yield results. Mistakes are learnt from and marketing performance is constantly analyzed. When resources are used wisely, costs are reduced and marketing can become less expensive than without the involvement of a professional marketer. We at Aboad also feel that, instead of being a mere operating cost, marketing can be an integrated part of your results-oriented business strategy.

Multiple options

One of the first questions to arise when thinking about implementing marketing activities is ”Well, who’s going to do it?” There is no single right answer and you have various alternatives to choose from. Often people instinctively think they need to hire someone. That is not a bad option but the hired marketer – or anyone who will be responsible for marketing – needs support so that they can do their job. Sometimes hiring a new employee just to deal with marketing isn’t a viable option.

Another alternative is to outsource the whole thing. There are several ways to do this, too. The job can be done equally well by a marketing agency or a freelancer. You can hire, for instance, an outsourced marketing manager to deal with your marketing operations, or you can start with “a lighter” option and then take your marketing to a direction that seems most reasonable to you.

Sometimes neither of these options is suitable. In that case, one alternative could be a kind of a hybrid model in which some of the marketing functions are done inhouse and others are outsourced. For example, you could optimize your marketing campaigns and channels inhouse and have someone from the outside do your strategic planning and marketing reports.

All in all, marketing can be handled in multiple ways, and the alternatives mentioned here are not the only ones.

What could we outsource?

If outsourcing your marketing operations in part or in whole sounds like the best solution for your company, you need to figure out which functions to outsource. At its most basic, it could be campaign management and administration of marketing channels. When using advertising platforms, such as LinkedIn Ads or Google Ads, it’s vital that you know what you are doing. Therefore, it is a very good idea to hand these tasks over to someone who uses the platforms on a daily basis.

Sometimes you might also need graphic work done – either digital or printed. It can be outsourced, for instance, to a competent advertising agency. However, it’s best to have another professional handling other marketing operations.

Handing over strategic planning or giving responsibility to someone new can feel intimidating. Still, more often than not, it will be highly beneficial as it will give you a completely new and fresh point of view.

Acquiring training from outside the company is common and practical. Upgrading staff skills is important, and by outsourcing training services you will save time and money. Enhancing staff competence can be done with training courses or, for instance, in the form of consulting.

Continuous marketing consulting is also a good option for outsourcing marketing functions. In a model like this, the outsourced professional can work on whatever is necessary and it’s easier to test different marketing methods.


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