The best possible service to our clients: this is how we do it

There are plenty of companies around offering various digital marketing services.

You can differentiate from your competitors in multiple ways, and we, too, have managed to create a distinct profile with our approach. There is only a handful of other companies similar to ours, and each one of them is unique.

Differentiating does not mean that you always have to come up with new ways of doing. My mentor once gave me a golden piece of advice for running a service business, and we have adopted this advice as our guideline that leads us to winning results.

3 principles for victory

We at Aboad stick to three principles when working with our clients.

1. Projects are always carried out in the agreed time frame.
2. Results are always delivered in the agreed form.
3. Projects are always executed within the agreed budget.

This is so simple that it almost sounds silly or naive. You might ask that isn’t this how everybody operates – who would want to do business with them otherwise? I want you to think about the last proper project with a service provider or in the role of one. Were you able to check all these points? How many IT, infra, marketing, website and product development tasks, for instance, exceeded the agreed deadline or budget?

Very few things really need to be done ”yesterday”, as is often half-jokingly said about a project’s deadline. And even if that really was the case, running around aimlessly wouldn’t make the situation better.

Sometimes we do stumble with our three principles

We have slipped, too. Twice in three years we have missed our deadline. Although we are not completely to blame for these slips as things that we have agreed on have changed, but we do accept responsibility for our actions. The truth is that if a project is late, it really does not matter whose fault it is.

Sometimes we’ve also exceeded the given budget. If something like that is our fault, guess who is to be punished? Definitely not the client. Although sometimes that seems to be the way many companies operate. We are the ones to suffer the consequences and we will learn from our mistakes. If it looks like the budget will be exceeded because of new orders, it is something we know well in advance and we inform the client about it.

What is the acceptable level of quality?

Quality is one of the hardest things to achieve and define. However, we have detailed our acceptable level of quality as follows:

  • The final product is finished and as accurate as possible.
  • The project’s goals have been defined, we monitor how they are reached and we make decisions based on that.
  • All work is done with the highest possible standard – no task is so small or insignificant that we could lower our bar.
  • The end product is what the client has ordered, the price is what was agreed on and the work is finished on time.
  • Communication is client-oriented and easily understood.
  • We are proactive – meaning that we don’t wait for orders but strive actively to find solutions to problems before they start to bother the client.
  • One of the most important things determining quality is the way the client feels about it.

We demand a lot from ourselves and we believe that the best strategy for achieving mutual goals is cooperation. This is why we politely expect our client – no, our partner – to follow these same principles.

These are the things we believe in, how about you?

Does cooperating with digital marketing experts such as ourselves sound productive? Do contact us and we’ll talk more!


Chief Executive Officer

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