Outsourced Digital Marketing Manager or CMO as a Service

I mostly write to help you with your marketing. This blog post makes no exception, but this time I’ll also tell you about one of our most popular services that offers a new way to operate in our field, especially from a customer relations point of view.

By far our most requested service is the Outsourced Digital Marketing Manager or CMO combined with our growth team. This service has been designed by our clients and their needs. We’ve listened to our clients, asked questions and followed up on client feedback to constantly improve the service model.

Why do I want to tell you this? I don’t intend to push Aboad’s services but I’d like you to know what’s on offer and how others have benefited from it. This way you’ll be able to tell someone in need of this kind of service where they can find help. That’s helping, too.

If someone comes to us with a problem they need solving, we try to find a solution at the first meeting. If that’s not enough, we’ll talk about possible cooperation. You won’t meet with an aggressive salesman here but rather an empathetic partner willing to help.

What is the Outsourced Digital Marketing Manager or CMO as a service?

The service is titled “Outsourced Digital Marketing Manager” or “Outsourced CMO” depending on the situation. Companies are different and the service adapts to unique needs. The service is not limited to cooperation with just you, our client, but, if you wish, we can also represent your company in interaction with other companies to the extent of our capacity.

In practice, this means that we’re not just lending one guy or gal to work for you but our entire organization will be involved. Our professional, who initiates cooperation with you, will act as the Outsourced Digital Marketing Manager or Outsourced CMO and they will have the expertise of our entire team at their disposal.

This means that one person can bring to the table an enormous amount of digital marketing know-how covering technology, strategy, analytics and a multitude of channels. The client will still usually only deal with one contact person. Unless something unexpected happens, such as illness, in which case everybody at our end are up to speed on your case and operations can continue uninterrupted.

Practical benefits in everyday operations and progress

The greatest instant benefit for our clients is the straightforward savings in resources. First, we’ll draw the strategic lines together. After that, we’ll start working towards the defined goals. We will proactively bring up things that need reacting to and arrange follow-up meetings once every week, month or quarter. Naturally, we’ll talk in the meantime, too. This way the contact person can best do their job while we’re following closely by their side.

The best parts of an outsourced worker and an in-house employee combined

When I was working with North American corporations in the mid-2010s, I noticed a clear trend: companies started to bring back operations that were outsourced earlier. This was because outsourcing an entire operation created dependency and often also lack of transparency.

However, the mindset didn’t seem to be to bring these operations completely back in-house but to find something in between. Our service is that something in between.

We look at our client’s business as it was our own. That’s why we don’t work with just anyone. We are experienced marketing professionals and we have insight into how businesses are developed. We recognize the goals of the cooperation and we know that we are easier to let go than an employee. This makes things clear for both parties.

The most important benefits according to our clients

What are the things that drive a company to choose this kind of service? Here are some of the benefits of working with us that our clients keep bringing up.


Our customers get to reap the fruits of our drive to constantly improve our performance and stay at the bleeding edge of our field. With us, you don’t have to worry if our methods are up-to-date and suitable for your business – because they are. We are constantly following what’s going on in our field and we keep an eye out for new benefits for our clients. This enables better scalability which works in everyone’s favour. We are also able to see what works and what doesn’t across different markets and industries.

More bang for your buck

Our service combines cost-efficiency with effectiveness and expertise. Cost-efficiency is neither expensive nor inexpensive but profitable. The leading idea is more bang for your buck.

For the same price as you would pay for one experienced employee, non-wage labor costs included, you will get versatile expertise from a team of top marketing professionals. You will profit from everyone’s skill set in a way that is just right for you. And ultimately, it usually ends up being less expensive than acquiring the same amount of know-how internally or externally even though our hourly rates aren’t the cheapest.

Easy as pie

Acquiring marketing technologies and other marketing-related services is made effortless as we can quickly identify the client’s needs and find suitable partners from our extensive network to cooperate with us in the project if we don’t offer the service in question.

Flexibility in resources and super good contracts

You don’t always need our input at the same level of intensity. That’s why our client-friendly contracts make life easy for everyone. No six- or twelve-month contract periods or fixed monthly prices. Also, ending your cooperation contract with us is hassle-free.

We often draw budgets per month and modify them if needed. Sometimes there’s no budget at all and we’ll do everything we can to meet the goals. If there’s budget left afterwards, no problem, if using it wouldn’t have been useful for the business. On the other hand, if it seems that the budget will be exceeded, we’ll let you know well in advance. Usually, these cases are about additional orders.

“Aboad’s outsourced digital marketing manager service offers us a business-oriented solution for reaching our international target audience in a measurable way. This collaboration has allowed us to make our digital marketing easy to understand and clear in its goals.”

Accurately Targeted Digital Marketing for The Heads of Large International Companies

For growth companies and corporations, with an international twist

Our clients are mostly growth companies who want to build and implement strategic and tactical digital marketing as part of their business development. We also have corporations as clients who wish to have some added support for their own team from a more consultive perspective.

Naturally, these two company types require quite a different approach but we have expertise and understanding in both environments, which guarantees smooth cooperation. Same knowledge in different form works for both.

Most companies are experiencing one of these things before we step in:

  • Marketing function hasn’t been anyone’s responsibility.
  • Hiring a full-time marketing expert hasn’t been relevant.
  • A need for more expertise than the current personnel or hiring a new employee could bring.
  • The whole business or one part of it (a service or market) needs someone to manage and execute it marketing wise.

No need to fire anyone

One thing that often comes up either implicitly or explicitly is the future of the company’s own staff. Understandably an in-house marketer might turn defensive when we come in. If expertise is sourced from the outside, what will happen to the in-house marketer or the marketing team?

Often such fear is unnecessary. The in-house employees have a place in the company and will continue to do so. We are meant to be like a booster rocket for their shuttle to new worlds. We’ll be giving further boost to the company in the form of expertise, training, design and execution. This will create them an even better place to work in the future.

Today’s cooperation model at its best

The world has changed, and even though traditional ways of doing are still widely used, this doesn’t need to be the case in marketing cooperation. In fact, we’re constantly moving away from traditional cooperation models as they no longer seem to meet today’s needs. After all, it would be a bit weird if a cooperation model from the 60s would be a perfect fit in the 2010s, wouldn’t it?

Even if this model isn’t what your company needs, I hope that you’ll remember that this kind of service exists. If you’re interested in learning more about this model, you can, for instance, read about how we do things and what are our values as well as about lean marketing as part of results-oriented business. Maybe you’d also be interested in reading how we have employed impossibly fair contract models that are made on our clients’ terms.

You can always shoot me a message using the contact form below and ask for more information.

Thank you for taking the time to read our more commercial content, and I hope it will be of use to you in the future!

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