Digital marketing cooperation on the client’s terms

How do traditional cooperation models with marketing service providers work?

Service providers in the field tend to favor cooperation models that require the client to sign a contract for a fixed term. The contract usually needs to be terminated one month before the end of the contractual term. In the worst-case scenario, the client hasn’t read the small print and doesn’t end the contract on time before a new billing period begins.

This is the existing practice in most companies, and those buying marketing services don’t necessarily even inquire about other kinds of cooperation models because they don’t know something better exists.

Another prevailing practice is that the service provider charges a fixed price regardless of whether marketing actions are implemented or not. What makes this problematic for the client is that situations change and sometimes you don’t have time to work with the service provider or it is just not sensible to realize marketing projects at a given time.

What is Aboad’s cooperation model like?

We feel that marketing cooperation should be flexible and fair for both parties. An agreement with us guarantees that our clients always pay just for what they order. If our client wishes to have no marketing in July, then there will be no marketing in July – and, hence, no invoice. On the other hand, as outsourced marketing managers, we also make marketing decisions independently and advance the company’s marketing functions when the client is on holiday if that is what they want.

Sometimes you might also need much more cooperation resources if you have a big project at hand. In that case, we are flexible and get the needed extra resources.

Transparency is also one of our value proposals. We let our clients have access to our project management tool where they can monitor project progress and working hours in real time.

I am entering into a cooperation agreement with Aboad. For how long do I have to commit?

Cooperation with us will terminate on the following day after the contract has been ended. This makes cooperating with us risk-free and fair for both parties.

It is also good to know that an agreement with us does not mean that you are obliged to order something.

Why has Aboad decided to adopt such a different policy?

Our way of working makes us maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and prevents us from getting sloppy. We feel that the client is entitled to the best possible customer service.

For us, it is important that our clients will reach their business goals with our help. Our approach increases the pressure on us to deliver results and encourages us to exceed the set goals.


Chief Executive Officer

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