Digital First Aid by Marketers Without Borders at Arctic15

Why marketing resources, practices and technologies are kept secret? This is a challenge that we at Aboad are fighting against. If you have knowledge, it’s stupid to keep it to yourself – this mindset only slows your own and the whole marketing industry’s developement. Our mission, to develop better marketing, will only be achieved by sharing knowledge and discussing openly within the industry.

What’s Arctic15?

Arctic15 is a startup event that takes place at Cable Factory (Kaapelitehdas), Helsinki in June 5th-6th, 2019. It’s one of the biggest startup events in Northern Europe, aiming to develop innovations and connect companies, investors and advisors.

We want to help marketers

Aboad is attending the event to help startups and their stakeholders with their marketing challenges. Everyone has questions about marketing that are “too small” to ask or “too complicated” for common sense to understand. We want to represent an open marketing mindset, where knowledge should be at everybody’s hand – and presented the way that everyone can understand it.

Who benefits from it?

Every attendee at the event is free to ask questions, discuss and spar about marketing. However this is not the only change to do so, as this is a vital part of our general operations in day-to-day work. Bringing us head to head with startups and their stakeholders will give them change for low threshold opportunity to develop their knowledge and change visions and ideas about marketing. Addition to that, this helps us to keep on the pulse of new innovative ways of doing growth-oriented business.

Ask your question up front (even if you’re not attending)

If you’re attending to Arctic15, you can submit your question up front, to ensure accurate and well-grounded answer, as a base for developing conversation at the event. We can schedule a meeting for a thorough conversation if necessary. If you’re not attending but still have some questions – don’t worry – you can post your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


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